Desludge Up To 10,000 Litre Per Trip

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We Provide Scheduled Desludging Service

Environmental Friendly Desludging Service

Professional Service Crew

Aluminium Tanker With Strong Industrial Vacuum Pumps Odour Fitters & Safety Equipment

Septic Tank Desluging Services in Hong Kong

Introduce you to the top septic tank desludging service in Hong Kong. At Toi Toi, we provide this service that aims to clean up your septic tank by removing the waste water. This service varies depending on tank size, usage frequency, and local regulations. As mandated by the Water Services Industry Act, standard septic tanks in Hong Kong should undergo desludging at least once every two years. As a septic system owner, monitor your tank’s condition and schedule a septic tank maintenance if required. WhatsApp our customer service now for your desludging service schedule!

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